Vedicis Cloud PGW : demo environment

Vedicis invites you to access to our demo environment,  giving you the opportunity to explore  cloud-based traffic management and experience the main features of our product free of charge.

Vedicis demo PGW instances are deployed in AWS Cloud, within the Vedicis Amazon account, where we will provision a dedicated virtual machine for each customer where you can monitor, configure, and use to route your own data traffic.

You only need a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox,…) and a modern phone (Iphone or Android Phone) with Internet access (Wifi, 4G). 
Please fill the form to ask for a demo account. You will receive a mail from Vedicis within 24h, providing your connection details and remember you do not have to subscribe to Amazon offers, and you are not charged for the trial. 
If you need any help or information,
please contact us at

What will you see?

Vedicis GUI

You will be abble to configure the DPI engine to define a new Application based package.

Policy enforcement

You will be abble to connect your phone to Internet through your virtualized instance, monitor and act on your traffic. 

... And many other features

Data records, statistics, Web API for policy update... 
This trial will allow you to experiment traffic management use cases in a complete virtualized environment.


By clicking on the “registration request” button, you accept the trial license software agreement.