Vedicis PGW (Packet Data Network Gateway)

Vedicis PGW is a high-performance, fully virtualized cost-efficient element of the 4G mobile core network, . It acts as the interface between the LTE network and other packet data networks. 

It is designed to address the specific challenges posed by QoS protection and data traffic monetization, allowing operators to nimbly scale their network infrastructure and take advantage of untapped data revenue opportunities.


Interwork. Optimize. Monetize

Enhancing and optimizing constantly IP Broadband management is the key to success for Communication Service Providers, to keep infrastructure costs under control, monetize internet services and VoLTE, and improve Quality of Experience through service aware session management and monitoring.
Vedicis PGW software provides connectivity to Packet Data Networks like Internet, Intranet and IMS, supporting both 3GPP (3G and 4G) and non-3GPP (i.e. Wi-Fi) access networks. It assigns IP addresses to endpoints and manages packet routing, filtering and forwarding. By hosting the Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) with an advanced DPI engine, it simplifies core network deployment, and enables subscriber- and application-based QoS management with advanced charging policies. 


Try it !

Vedicis offers a trial environment, hosted in Amazon cloud (AWS). It allows to explore cloud-based traffic management and experience the main features of our product. This trial is free of charge.

Key benefits

High Performance

Designed for performance,
Vedicis PGW can scale to millions of devices.


Fully virtualized software product,
easy to deploy, manage and upgrade.


Vedicis PGW combines advanced traffic management
features and best of breed DPI.

Cost effective

Pay as you grow business model,
ideal for MVNO/MVNE.