Accelerate Network transformation

Vedicis Software Service Gateway enables MNOs, MVNOs, Wifi service providers, ISPs and IOT services providers to reap the benefits of SDN and NFV - NOW.
Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) represent massive trends in today’s telecom infrastructure with the end of specialized hardware systems (the end of Hardware Defined Networks) and the adoption of powerful software platforms that are deployed either on bare metal servers with a Linux OS, or in a virtualized infrastructure.
Vedicis platform enables communication service providers to choose the right steps to leverage software transformation. It can be deployed in a private or public Cloud, As a Virtual machine on KVM or VMware, or As a software on Linux OS and Intel servers.

Software flexibility

Vedicis platform leverages Linux strengths to deliver a critical flexibility to deploy standard APIs or develop new ones for integration in telco’s ecosystem such as BigData, OSS and BSS platforms with
  • Features modularity
  • Web based API and/or Standard 3GPP interfaces
  • Open Linux platform to integrate with any ISV’s solution
  • Leverage VMware and KVM for virtualization and VNF.

Service agility

Vedicis platform belongs to the “Software Defined“ approach that removes traditional bottlenecks from appliances where many features are “hard coded“. Key advantages include:
  • Configuration, ease of customization and programmability ,
  • Fast time to market
  • GUI based management
  • With high availability for traffic security and redundancy.