Designed for ISV partners, Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector is a DPI & traffic analysis software  ready for NFV, to transform anonymous IP broadband traffic into real time detailed usage insight and actionable events to feed Big Data Platform for  contextual marketing & network analytics.
Within MVNO, MNO and Cloud IP networks, Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector

  • captures and extracts user/Applications/location/device info
  • triggers real time events based on traffic analysis
  • aggregates multiple DR in unique User Data Records
  • feeds Big Data/CEM/Business & Network analytics in real time

Extract the right info and event from data traffic in real time

  • User awareness: Data Plan, MSISDN, Device
  • Usage: Applications, OTTs, Protocols, Websites
  • Context: Location, Access technology

With volume, banwidth, Key Performance Indicators about QoE and QoS (response time, packet losses...)

Performance & flexibility

  • High performance and density :DPI & processing up to 80Gbps in a 2U server
  • Customized triggers, targets, and data records/events

Accelerate sales cycle, decision process, project deployment and operations

  • IT platform with no network impact for quick project roll out
  • Ready for integration (diameter, DR) with flexibility for configuration, change management
  • Reduced data collection cost.