Traffic monetization

Vedicis DPI-PCEF (Policy and Charging Enforcement Function)

As voice revenue plummets and investments in fiber and LTE access technologies continue, Communication Service Providers need to accelerate IP monetization with new data services.

Launching differentiated packages means being able to understand subscribers’ behaviors and to control and charge data traffic depending on application based criteria. However, these capabilities, specified in the PCEF (Policy and Charging Enforcement Function) by 3GPP standard, are not included or not efficient enough in packet gateways (GGSN, PDN-GW or BRAS). Vedicis DPI-PCEF provides a cost-efficient and access-agnostic solution to generate new revenues, without impacting mobile and fixed core networks.

Analyze. Control. Monetize

Based on the Vedicis Software Service Gateway (SSG) platform, Vedicis Deep Packet Inspection and Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (DPI-PCEF) empowers carriers to leverage the whole feature set of their Online Charging System with new subscriber's application- and location- aware use cases.

Key benefits

Monetize Data Usage

New business models with Application based charging
Traffic redirection for dynamic top-ups and added value services.

Analyze Internet usage

Traffic patterns and subscribers' behaviour
Feed Big data services for anaytics, fraud management.

Improve subscriber QoE

Mitigate congestion
Prioritize profitable subscribers and valuable traffic.

Not impact on existing gateways

Add new services without impacting existing components
Advanced and configurable DPi engine