Accelerate software transformation in telecom networks
Vedicis Software Service Gateway (SSG) helps telecom operators to reap today the benefits of software and virtualization with better agility and ROI. It is a software multi-services platform to analyze, control and monetize IP access, broadband bandwidth and subscriber’s usage from the core network.

Whether it is for Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, IOT and Wifi Service Providers, the SSG manages all types of IP broadband networks.


Unique platform, multiple solutions

The SSG comes in different solution packages based on integration points and use case optimization:

As a software telco grade platform with standard APIs (3GPP) or custom interfaces, it addresses efficiently network team requirements for manageability and high availability to manage broadband traffic. The SSG is either deployed on Linux OS or as a virtual machine providing standard MANO and Open Stack interfaces: the SSG enables telecom operators NFV & cloud deployment, with high performance VNF.

Benefits for the new IP network
Build new interworking solution: The SSG delivers access management and network connectivity on Wifi and 3G/LTE with WAG and PGW capabilities, and support the latest standard for IOT management with NB-IOT and LTE-M networks.

Get traffic visibility: Deep Packet Inspection gives the subscriber, application, device and location awareness for data traffic analysis, statistics & service based charging.

Control network and subscribers traffic: policy enforcement provides the shaping, blocking, marking, URL filtering, and traffic steering requested for control.

Monetize usage: Quota metering for charging empowers telecom operators to fully leverage their Online Charging System and launch advanced new data services.