Get visibility in your IP network!

The CoSS provides new level of accuracy and granularity to deliver traffic identification with application awareness, subscriber awareness and location/network awareness.

Service and application awareness with applications, protocols and usage (APPs) identification
Traffic is classified thanks to a library of protocols that contains 2000+ of applications and protocols (L4-L7) :

  • Network and Application Services,Peer-to-Peer, Streaming, Instant Messaging, Webmail, VoIP,Web and Forum,Gaming...

Operators may also define and configure their owned APPs with specific network keys like port number,Autonomous Systems (AS), Hostnames (websites), Common names (HTTPs traffic).
Up to 62 000 APPs may then be created and managed as any other familiar protocol.
On top of these APPs, various content items are identified like URLs, files and user agents with appropriate reference databases.

Subscriber awareness with user and device identification
Various identifier can be detected :IP, User & profile (through mapping with integration to Radius, Policy Server), device, IMEI/MSISDN/IMSI.

Location awareness with network and location identification
Subnets, Cell IDs, Vlans can be detected.

QoS indicators for KPI and KQI
Indicators are calculated to measure for instance response time and packet losses.