The CoSS delivers the full functionalities to enforce operator's policies to control and steer their bandwidth traffic and implement new services. This consists in following features:

For applications and protocols
 Various actions can be performed: APPs throttling or prioritization with QoS marking (DSCP, MPLS or VLAN tags) and APPs shaping (bandwidth limits enforcement per group of APPs), APPs admission control with session limitation per APP (i.e video admission control),APPs blocking (black list enforcement) and APPs rerouting to VAS servers.

For Subscribers
Profile enforcement is managed per user/subscriber with user based bandwidth limitation, concurrent sessions' limitation per IP, Group of APPs policy enforcement per user,quota and bandwidth threshold.

For URLs
this refers to content reference blocking (black list enforcement),and content (URLs) rerouting to VAS servers or captive portal.

Smart routing and traffic redirect
Vedicis traffic redirect routes a part of the traffic, based on Apps or user criteria. This enables optimizing the sizing and processing of specific third party application servers.

Configuration and interfaces for fast integration and straight forward operation
Policy enforcement configuration is directly available from a GUI or through integration with a Policy Server.
Current available APIs support 3GPP standards and include Gx, Gy and equivalent interfaces for LTE ecosystem.