Vedicis Data Traffic Visibility solution addresses pressing needs for dynamic data traffic knowledge with subscribers, applications, locations and devices awareness to improve Quality of Experience, and adapt the network and marketing offering.

Vedicis provides statistics and collection of eXtended Data Records (xDR, like IPDR, UserDR, and SessionDR) from the network. It delivers a variety of statistics and feeds with all types of DR current platforms such as CEM, BI and Big Data to properly monitor internet usage from the network.
Objective: control and monetize data traffic with an improved customer centric approach and better user profiling.

Analyze all traffic in real time

  • Exhaustive real time bandwidth monitoring for each user
  • Detailed information with standard or custom interface to carrier Data Bases for enriched Business Intelligence/Big Data .

Better understand subscribers' usage to monetize it

  • See current usage and data consumption trends, with device popularity, traffic sources and destinations...
  • Allow to react rapidly to fraud, volume leakage...
  • Enabler to adapt existing marketing packages, create new services, and therefore generate new revenue streams.

For real time offer management, CEM, and Customer Base Management, lower Churn with efficient traffic control and better QoE.

Improve QoE and limit congestion with Real time bandwidth visibility and volume trends

  • Identify and control bandwidth intensive users and abusive consumption
  • Plan application priorization
  • Prepare bandwidth optimization and ROI
  • Optimize capacity planning

Optimize current bandwidth and network capacity

  • Plan, measure, adapt new network policies and capacity
  • Make best use of existing network capacity.