While Internet usage is usually highly beneficial, it may have negative impacts for children, because of cyber bullying, free access to offensive or objectionable content, or because it represents a distraction from active studies.
Vedicis Parental Control Solution is a packaged solution to deliver straight foward and reliable Internet access control for parents.
It provides content filtering with customizable restrictions on services, websites, time periods, and visibility on Internet activities with usage statistics.
For ISPs and mobile operators, this is a network based telco-grade solution that provides new services to increase subscriber loyalty and foster family upsell opportunities.

The Parental Control solution delivers access control to Internet content with a centralized platform in the core network, to support any accs technology(Fiber, xDSL, WIFI, Wimax, LTE, 3G, 2G), and without distributed APP or agent prevents issues on customer device, preserves performance.

Content control

  • Broad coverage and localized approach with millions of categorized URLs and integration with any URL DB,
  • Filtering of Internet services and protocols (P2P, Video streaming, VoIP...).

Easy-to-use policy settings for parents

  • Self configuration through Internet portal for traffic management  and access control based on URLs and Internet services with white list or black list and depending on time period
  • Profile choice based on age group, with white list, blacklist or safe net

Usage statistics and Customizable self-care portal

  • Statistic report for parents
  • API for integration with operator's portal,

The Internet Parental Control solution provides key benefits with new revenue and upsell opportunities for family segment while increasing subscriber's stickiness and loyalty. This centralized packaged solution is highly cost effective and offers fast implementation and set-up with one single platform for all IP traffic and devices on various networks, without support issues due to device heterogeneity, DB updates... and without interoperability complexity with network components.