Implement new data plans with application, location or device awareness that leverage current Online Charging System.
Vedicis Data Traffic Monetization solution empowers carriers to precisely analyze, meter and control the data traffic in volume or bandwidth, to implement new offers based on usage .

Monetize Internet services

  • Create new business models with OTTs with sponsored packages
  • Segment precisely traffic value and profile usage
  • Take full advantage of OCS features
  • Redirect traffic whenever communication is needed to propose a new service, a voucher, or a top-up.
  • Leverage real time to interact efficiently for real time offers.

Keep traffic under control

  • Control bandwidth per user and usage
  • Limit impact of free services
  • Control QoS impact for subscriber out of quota
  • Prioritize traffic and subscribers who matter most for business.
  • Increase speed and flexibility

Adapt to change with full software solution

  • High flexibility for integration with legacy or cutting edge systems
  • Modular feature set with efficient GUI configuration.
  • Multi-access technology support (2G, 3G, LTE, Wimax, Wifi, ADSL, Fiber..) on the same platform.

Grow with traffic and NFV evolution

  • Performance to manage broadband with 40Gbps/ several million users per 2U server
  • Scalability solution with clusters and according to network architecture
  • NFV ready: move to KVM when needed.

New data plans enablement for prepaid and postpaid subscribers

Application based data charging

  • Zero rating or toll free access to specific OTTs and applications like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia,
  • Sponsored data plans with traffic differentiation of OTTs (Netflix ...) and segmented usage (Gamers, Video)
  • URL/hostnames and applications like social networking, video, VoIP, webmails...

Location based data charging

  • Specific venue pricing for events (football matches, F1 Grand Prix) and usage (Home/office based charging, students in University areas)
  • Roamer offers

Device based data charging

  • multi-device data bundles, Tethering control
  • Free traffic for subsidized handsets

Credit refill and volume top-up with subscriber's interaction

  • Traffic redirect based on quota events (thresholds, exhaustion) towards captive portal
  • Real time notification and interaction with subscribers using event based redirect .

Data packages with specific QoS

  • Bandwidth/turbo boost and traffic prioritization for VIP
  • Bandwidth limits, real QOS reduction after quota exhaustion

Time based data charging

  • Time of Day usage
  • « Happy hours » or « peak hours » offers or vouchers,
  • Time base upsell such as Facebook for free for 2 hours.