Based on the Vedicis Software Service Gateway (SSG) platform, Vedicis Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) is a high-performance, cost-efficient, virtualized element of the core network, incorporating DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).
It is designed to address the specific challenges posed by QoS protection and Data traffic monetization, allowing operators the flexibility to scale their network and take advantage of 3G and 4G traffic growth.

Interwork. Optimize. Monetize

Enhancing and optimizing constantly IP Broadband management is the key to success for Communication Service Providers, to keep infrastructure costs under control, monetize internet services and VoLTE, and improve Quality of Experience through service aware session management and monitoring.
Vedicis PGW software provides connectivity to Packet Data Networks like Internet, Intranet and IMS, supporting both 3GPP (3G and 4G) and non-3GPP (i.e. Wi-Fi) access networks. It assigns IP addresses to endpoints and manages packet routing, filtering and forwarding. By hosting the Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) with an advanced DPI engine, it simplifies core network deployment, and enables subscriber- and application-based QoS management with advanced charging policies.


Cost opimization, software flexibility and new data services enablement: Discover what the Vedicis PGW delivers to you:

Redefine network costs

  • Software based business model
  • Pay as you grow schemes
  • For Cloud based MVNO/E
  • Cost effective platform


Move to software transformation

  • Full Software platform
  • High performance with subscriber and service based QoS management
  • On-demand dynamic scalability
  • Virtualized PDN-GW


Simplify network deployments

  • 3G, 4G, and non 3GPP access
  • Embedded policy rule engine
  • Purpose-built configuration for IOT
  • and M2M traffic

Enhance traffic management

  • Connectivity: IP, GTP, GRE, VLAN
  • Multi-criteria traffic management
  • Policy and Charging Enforcement Function
  • Traffic intelligence with best of breed DPI
  • Advanced features for IOT monetization


From standard 3GPP features of a PDN-GW to the newly demanded IOT specific features. The PGW has what it takes to help you to build the new IP core network:

Access management


Gateway functions

  • GTPv1 and V2
  • GRE, VLANs
  • APN Management
  • Multi-bearer support

UE IP address allocation: Internal DHCP

Traffic Management


Routing, Blocking, Filtering, Shaping

QCI management, DSCP marking

Service awareness

  • TFT (Traffic Flow Templates), DPI, VoLTE
  • Aggregated traffic shaping
  • Bandwidth and charging policies

Per network criteria such as APN, HNO.


Policy & charging enforcement


Controlled by PCRF

or by embedded policy rule engine

Subscriber policy enforcement

  • Bearer binding, Shaping, Gating
  • Per service, direction (uplink, downlink)

Subscriber traffic metering

  • Real time charging enforcement
  • Multiple rating groups
  • Per service

Traffic analysis


Best of breed DPI

  • More than 3000 applications and protocols available in DPI library
  • DPI configuration module

Data records: per User session, IP session, Subscriber.

Traffic statistics, real time monitoring

Legal services: records, interception, URL filtering.

IOT & M2M specific features

Fleet management   

  • Fleet policy and charging with local logic
  • Support for web service lookup and local cache avoiding provisioning and diameter bottlenecks
  • Per device and per fleet limits and charging management


  • Walled garden approach to prevent DDOS occurrences with weak devices
  • Rogue/buggy devices activity detection and blocking