Control and optimize data traffic to improve QoE and limit congestion
Vedicis Data Traffic Control solution is the solution to deliver QoE improvement and congestion mitigation with volume and bandwidth control in real time for subscribers and applications depending on multiple criteria.
Improve QoS for traffic that matters most

  • Prioritize time sensitive APPs
  • Address VIP requirements for better QoE with prioritization,
  • Implement user bandwidth fairness and control bandwidth hoggers.
  • For fixed networks, precise congestion control with marking used by routers deployed in the network.

Accelerate ROI

  • Speed up deployment phasis and time to service
  • Create new services aimed at VIP subscribers or SMB...who require APPs and user prioritization with turbo boost, specific QoS packages, etc.

Best use of existing capacity

  • Prevent traffic cannibalization and limit congestion impacts to low value traffic
  • Control bandwidth hoggers, to free up bandwidth for all other users
  • Grow dramatically the number of users at the same bandwidth level
  • For fixed networks, enforce QoS marking by current routers without additional deployments.

Limit Churn

  • Improve dramatically perceived quality
  • Limit impacts of abusive usage when 1% of users may consume up to 40% of the available bandwidth at peak time

Effective Control Thanks to Precise Analysis, Classification and Policy Enforcement with User/Terminal/Usage & Location Awareness

Bandwidth and volume measures with effective network intelligence

  • User & terminal awareness: User ID, IP address, device
  • Usage awareness: APPs (applications, protocols, hostnames, Autonomous Systems,...)
  • Location awareness: CellID, Subnet.

Actions & policy enforcement

  • For fixed network, QoS marking (TOS, DSCP, EXP) according to assigned priorities.
  • For MNOs and fixed networks, precise shaping or specific blocking (users and/or APPs).
  • Traffic redirect towards captive portal (for credit refill or top-up, or for subscriber’s communication about regulation, etc.)