Vedicis successfully deploys Wireless Access Gateway for an Indian Tier 1 telecom operator

Vedicis successfully deploys Wireless Access Gateway for an Indian Tier 1 telecom operator with BSS partner to monetize WIFI access

Paris, France — December 4th, 2017 — Vedicis, a leading software editor of IP traffic management platforms, is announcing the successful deployment of their Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) to manage and monetize the WIFI network of a tier 1 telecom operator in India. Currently covering the WIFI access network of 5 different cities, this initial project is the first phase of nationwide deployment, aiming to provide the operator’s subscribers with cost-efficient access to the Internet as well as new services.

Increased Internet usage poses a strategic dilemma for telecom operators. Either they invest massive capex in mobile (3G/LTE/ and 5G in the future) and fixed (DSL, fiber) networks, or they complement their current network with WIFI networks to rapidly increase their Internet access coverage. In this respect, WIFI represents a flexible alternative to standard access with fast deployment and time to service. However, as for any IP network, WIFI requires a good level of usage control to enable targeted investment and new monetization opportunities whilst ensuring a good quality of experience...
Vedicis WAG delivers bandwidth and volume control with charging enforcement for WIFI traffic in a centralized network architecture.  Delivered as a software platform or a virtual machine, this WAG embeds best of breed DPI and ensures Quality of Service with advanced traffic analysis per subscriber and type of usage as well as policy enforcement. This is particularly useful for telecom operators who want to propose bundled WIFI and Mobile data packages including VoWIFI, or other services such as specific toll-free services, privileged access to partners’ applications, etc. Our Indian project demonstrates this through the platform’s agility and a rapid ROI, which perfectly matches the customer’s requirements.
“Vedicis is proud to have demonstrated the value of our pure software WAG in a very competitive market such as India: WIFI network access can add tremendous new business opportunities to Digital Service Providers (DSP) and our Vedicis Wireless Access Gateway is a key enabler to control and monetize this new traffic. This definitely helps DSPs to manage a continuum of their service offering between WIFI and their current fixed or mobile networks.” highlights Theodore Martin Martin, Vedicis CEO.

About Vedicis

Vedicis provides advanced IP broadband packet management software platform to fixed and mobile Communication Service Providers. With Vedicis PDN-Gateway, DPI-PCEF and Wireless Access Gateway software solutions, CSPs take informed actions for better:
-    Traffic connectivity and control for Internet access and optimization in volume and bandwidth to reduce congestion and improve quality of experience,
-    Traffic monetization with new data services based on subscriber’s usage.
Vedicis’ leading NVF ready platform uniquely enables the technology migration of CSPs to Software Defined Networks and to reap the benefits of more flexibility, faster integration and better ROI.
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