Vedicis launches a new PDN-Gateway for MVNO/MVNE and IOT service providers

Vedicis launches a new PDN-Gateway for MVNO/MVNE and IOT service providers

Paris, France — October 31st, 2017 — Vedicis, a leading software editor of IP traffic management platforms, is announcing the launch of a new software PDN-Gateway today. Based on the Vedicis Software Service Gateway, this Packet Gateway addresses the requirements of MVNO/MVNEs to deploy new virtual operation and IOT service providers to have a flexible and cost effective solution for their M2M/IOT services.

Mobile virtual network operators need to have better control of data traffic whether this is to reduce the network costs they are paying to their hosted network operator, or to enable them to launch innovative data services rapidly. IOT service providers need to find the right value for services that may generate very little revenue per unit and reassess the associated management costs to generate a sustainable margin.
Vedicis Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) is a high-performance, cost-efficient and virtualized core network element. It delivers support to offline and online charging support with best-of-breed DPI for new data-service enablement, QoS control with static or dynamic settings to selectively prioritize traffic via Packet Data Networks like Internet, Intranet and IMS, supporting both 3GPP (3G and 4G) and non-3GPP (i.e. Wi-Fi) access networks.
This helps MVNO/MVNEs to benefit from network virtualisation with minimal hardware footprint, improve operational efficiency and contribute to network security against DDOS, especially attacks from their network using dedicated device traffic behaviour management.
“As MVNOs and IOTs service providers are running LTE networks, we see a growing demand for advanced packet gateway that creates new service opportunities. Our Vedicis Packet Gateway brings increased value for their new use cases” says Theodore Martin Martin, Vedicis CEO.

About Vedicis

Vedicis provides advanced IP broadband packet management software platform to fixed and mobile Communication Service Providers. With Vedicis PDN-Gateway, DPI-PCEF and Wireless Access Gateway software solutions, CSPs take informed actions for better:
-    Traffic connectivity and control for Internet access and optimization in volume and bandwidth to reduce congestion and improve quality of experience,
-    Traffic monetization with new data services based on subscriber’s usage.
Vedicis’ leading NVF ready platform uniquely enables the technology migration of CSPs to Software Defined Networks and to reap the benefits of more flexibility, faster integration and better ROI.
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