Digital Experience Visibility

Today's communication is digital!
it is key for CSPs to analyse, measure and understand Internet usage trends and experience from their subscribers to adapt their network and offer better services.
See how Vedicis platform delivers network intelligence.


News & Events

Vedicis signs OEM partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and deploys first projects
The first projects already deployed with Vedicis platform, enhances HPE Dragon with further DPI capabilities to help telecom operators to access to network traffic intelligence and marketing insight about subscriber’s experience and Internet usage.

PortaOne And Vedicis Partner To Offer Policy-Based Traffic Control And Billing For IP Network Services
Integration of Vedicis Content Smart Switch with PortaOne’s PortaSwitch Softswitch/Billing Platform Creates More Customer Usage Opportunities, Better Network Management


Monetize Internet Usage

Create new data services and leverage the full capabilities of best-of-breed charging/billing solutions.
Vedicis state-of-the-art PCEF/TDF software platform enables CSPs to launch new services based on OTTs, applications and real subscriber's data usage.


Vedicis - Leader in Software Platform for DPI & Traffic Management

Vedicis helps telcos and communication service providers to unleash the benefits of Internet traffic growth and provide them rich and powerful solutions to address their current challenges for visibility, control and monetization of data traffic.
Vedicis platforms delivers traffic analysis and actions to understand and improve subscriber's experience, and to generate differentiated services and new business opportunities, from the core network, whatever the blend of access technologies (LTE, 3G, 2G, Wifi, Wimax, DSL, Fiber, Cable).