Data connectivity

Take full control of the Internet traffic of MVNO's subscribers and IOT devices.
Vedicis PDN-Gateway empowers mobile virtual operators and IOT service providers to rapidly control Internet access and usage with a feature rich platform dedicated to give the maximum flexibility and cost efficiency.
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Wifi access control

Extend reach with WIFI connectivity: a cost efficient and flexible solution to offload radio access network, improve customer experience and generate new revenues. Carrying traffic from Wifi access points to the mobile core or directly to Internet, Vedicis Wireless Access Gateway enable Wifi traffic monetization and control.
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Internet Usage Monetization

Create new data services and leverage the full capabilities of best-of-breed charging/billing solutions.
Vedicis state-of-the-art DPI-PCEF/TDF software platform enables CSPs to launch new services based on OTTs, applications and real subscriber's data usage.
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